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 Breast Enhancement in Seattle

Every woman has her own image of the ideal breast. Some women have always dreamed of having larger breasts than the ones Mother Nature gave them. Other women wish for smaller, firmer breasts that would allow them to be more active, and maybe even to go bra-less. Some fantasize about having the firmer, fuller breasts of their youth, while some want to revise breasts that are misshapen or asymmetrical. Dr. George Marosan has helped hundreds of women achieve their breast enhancement goals at his Bellevue surgical practice.

Breast Surgery Options

Breast enhancement surgeries are among the most popular of all cosmetic procedures, and growing in numbers every year. Today's woman realizes the importance of feeling good about herself both inside and out, and being happy with her breasts is an integral part of that confidence.


Interested in finding out more about breast enhancement in Seattle / Bellevue?

Click here to contact Dr. George Marosan, a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement procedures in Bellevue. You can also call his office at 425.450.1994 to schedule an appointment.

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