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Breast Augmentation in Seattle

A woman's breasts can be an emblem of her femininity and sexuality and in our Western culture is very common to show "cleavage". The voluptuous, curvaceous feminine form has been the ideal for centuries, as seen in art, literature, and the media. It is understandably difficult for a woman to feel confident and attractive if she does not feel she "measures up" to this image of feminine beauty and sensuality. Breast augmentation (enlargement) in Seattle can be life-changing for women who are dissatisfied with their proportions, either due to childbearing, aging, or being slighted by Mother Nature.

Is It Right For Me?

If you are considering breast enlargement in Seattle, you are in good company. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures each year, with close to 400,000 choosing augmentations nationwide. Breast augmentation surgery is safer and more popular than ever, and has a very high rate of satisfaction among patients (greater than 93% and 89% of women would do it again).

Women seeking breast enlargement come from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. Some have experienced loss of breast volume over the years, particularly after childbirth and breastfeeding also known as breast involution. Others have never been satisfied with the size or shape of one or both of their breasts. Some women have two different sized breasts or tubular breasts which can present a challenge and require a skilled surgeon with experience to get it just right. For your breast enlargement in Seattle, plastic surgeon Dr. George Marosan uses a specialized technique that results in very little if any bruising, less pain, a quicker recovery, and low incidence of capsular contracture. Dr. Marosan has done over 1,000 breast surgeries.

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