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Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

For women considering breast augmentation in Seattle, there are many questions that need to be addressed.

It can be hard to sort through all of the conflicting information that we find on the Internet or in the media. The best source of information is a board-certified plastic surgeon, particularly one who specializes in breast augmentation, such as Dr. George Marosan. Dr. Marosan and the staff at his practice will take the time to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. In the meantime, we have provided answers to the most commonly asked breast augmentation questions:

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation in Seattle?

The best candidates for breast enlargement in Seattle are women in good physical and mental health, who have a thorough understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations. Generally speaking, you should be a non-smoker, maintain a stable weight, and have healthy diet and exercise habits. You should be seeking breast augmentation to enhance your figure - not to completely transform it. Most women seek to have more fullness on top to balance the hips (hour glass figure). Lastly, you should be seeking breast enhancement for your own reasons (enhance your femininity, able to buy a dress or same size clothes for the top and buttom) , not to impress someone else, or to satisfy someone else's fantasy or standard of beauty.

Am I too old or too young to have breast augmentation?

In general, the minimum age for breast augmentation is 18, simply because a woman must be mature enough to make a completely informed decision before she undergoes breast enlargement. Also, by this age your breasts stopped growing as well. The FDA restricts the use of silicone gel implants for women under the age of 22, due to the different risk-factors and recommended long-term implant care. In terms of maximum age, women undergo breast augmentation into their 60's and even 70's, both for the purposes of breast reconstruction and enhancement. Whether or not an older woman can have breast augmentation is largely a matter of her general health.

How much will my surgery cost?

This can vary widely based on the type of implant selected. Besides Dr. Marosan's surgical fee, other costs include anesthesia and facilities fees.  Click here for more information about fees and financing for breast augmentation in Seattle with Dr. Marosan. At your consultation you will be advised exactly what your surgery will cost. This fee includes all your follow up care, usually up to six months. Dr. Marosan encourages all his patients to return for a yearly checkup at no charge to them.

Should I choose saline or silicone gel implants?

This is a personal decision best made under the advisement of an experienced breast augmentation specialist such as Dr. Marosan. While silicone-gel is the most popular choice worldwide (mainly due to the more natural look and feel), there are situations in which saline is a more appropriate choice. Click here to view more info about breast implant options.

Are breast implants safe?

Most breast implant safety concerns center around silicone filled implants, since the saline filled implants contain a biocompatible saltwater solution. During its 14 year moratorium on the use of silicone breast implants, the FDA found no conclusive evidence that silicone implants cause health problems, and in 2006 a new generation of silicone implants came back on the market. The safety of this implant type continues to be closely monitored by the FDA. In the case of a rupture or leak, the contents of a saline implant are harmlessly absorbed by the body. In the case of leak or rupture with silicone implants, silicone is generally retained within the capsule or scar tissue that surrounds the implant. Remember, the shell of both implants is the same; galvanized silicone.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation?

Many of Dr. Marosan's Seattle breast enlargement patients have gone on to breastfeed their children without any problems. Since the breast implant is placed behind the breast tissue (and almost always beneath the chest wall muscle as well), and the incisions should not damage any of the functional breast structures, there should be no resulting effects on breastfeeding. Furthermore, there is no evidence that children of women with implants who breastfeed suffer any side effects whatsoever. Also remember, that not all women can breast feed with or without implants.

How do I go about selecting the right size implant for me?

Choosing a size for your new breasts is a highly personal decision. Many women want to look very natural and proportioned, while others want a more dramatic change. Generally speaking, C or D cup breasts are probably the most commonly requested outcome, but that may not be what is right for you. Dr. Marosan will help you evaluate your expectations, and will guide you in selecting the implant that is just the right size for you. During your consultation you will try on sizers to determine what breast implant size best compliments your figure. Dr. Marosan will also measure your chest wall dimensions, breast width and volume of breast tissue you have including skin elasticity. These measurements are taken into consideration when an implant is selected.

What does it mean for a surgeon to be board-certified?

In order for a surgeon to refer to him/herself as a "board-certified plastic surgeon," s/he must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). To be certified by the ABPS, a doctor has to have at least 5 years of surgical training and experience, with a minimum of 2 years of plastic surgery training in an accredited residency program, and must pass rigorous oral and written exams. This board-certification guarantees that a surgeon has extensive experience in all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery, displays good surgical judgment and moral integrity.Dr. Marosan did 7 years of surgical training (5 in general surgery and 2 in plastic surgery).

Want to learn more about breast augmentation?

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