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Breast augmentation with fat grafts

Breast reconstruction with autologous fat grafts...
Add a natural feel and shape to your breasts without an incision and/or scar!

Up to very recent times, the only hope a woman had to enhance her breasts and give her a more feminine figure was to use breast implants. Although this is a very popular procedure in the Seattle area in Washington State and matter of fact all the way to the other Washington, but it is not the answer for everyone. Now, in my practice I can offer breast augmentation with your own fat to give you the most natural feel and shape to your breasts without an incision and/or scar.

At my Bellevue Plastic Surgeons clinic I am often asked by my liposuction patients if I can take the fat from the abdomen and hips and place it into their breasts. I can say with confidence that this is a reality, since The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS, the leading organization of plastic surgeons to which 98% of the board certified plastic surgeons belong) does not condemn its application. I have been doing fat grafts to the face, buttocks (Brazilian butt lift) and breast deformities after breast reconstruction with implants or flaps with excellent long term results. We know the fat stays if the procedure is done by an experienced plastic surgeon. At Bellevue Plastic Surgeons we can do breast augmentation without an implant, without an incision and without a scar using your own fat with the added benefit of body contouring from the liposuction! Fat is removed with a small cannula from the abdomen, hips, and thighs, where it is not wanted and placed into the breasts where most women want it. This combination of procedures defines the attractive feminine shape.

Fat graft breast enhancement, breast lipofilling and lipo-augmentation are terms used to describe the same process. This scarless and incisionless breast augmentation is applicable for cosmetic enlargement, correction of breast asymmetries, tuberous or narrow based breasts, after mastectomies without reconstruction or with failed breast reconstruction with expander/implants or flaps. An added bonus (of major significance to all women) is the return of normal skin sensation to the chest and breast. There are also a lot of women who dream of breast enlargement, but have a strong aversion for implants for various psychological fears, or they do not want any incisions or scars, and are interested in a “natural” augmentation. Some would ask: Is it safe? It cannot get more natural and safer than this: taking your own fat from one body area and placing it into another, more desirable area. It does not get better than this! No incisions, no scars, natural shape and softness without the stigmata of breast implants. Although breast augmentation with implants is safe and over 350,000 women choose this option yearly, it does have its limitations. One can develop a capsular contracture, implants can fail and rupture, might show rippling in a thin woman, does not adequately fill out the upper pole of the breasts, can lead to bottoming out, occasionally unsightly scars and poor cleavage. None of these issues happen with fat graft breast augmentation.

The benefits of this technique of micro fat graft breast augmentation can be summarized as follows:

1. No incisions
2. No scars
3. Natural augmentation
5. No foreign body placement
6. No implant problems
7. Faster recovery than implant augmentation
8. Done in our AAAASF certified office operating suite
9. Added benefits of liposuction
10. Minimally invasive

How do we do this?

First the breasts have to be prepared for fat grafting. This is done with an external expander called the BRAVA. This has a soft gel like base glued to a hard dome that you wear like a bra. This, gently and painlessly pulls the breast in three dimensions inside the dome. The BRAVA has a very important role in the process. It causes your body to grow more breast tissue and blood vessels and keep sensation to the skin and nipple and creates a fertile matrix for fat grafting. The idea of tissue expansion is not new. It’s been done for bone growth of the extremities and jaw to generate new bone. The BRAVA expands the breast tissue and allows for successful fat graft augmentation. The BRAVA expander is worn at home, you sleep with it for 3-5 weeks prior to fat grafting.

How Does Brava Work?

For further, more in depth information please contact us at the office. Each individual patient’s situation is unique and after a thorough consultation and examination Dr. Marosan can give you his recommendations if this is the right procedure for you.

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