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Breast Implant Revision Surgery

More women are choosing breast augmentation in Seattle than ever before. In fact, breast enlargement is continually one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for women in the United States each year.

The majority of women who choose to have breast implants in Seattle will be satisfied with their new look for many years to come. However, the increased demand for plastic surgery has also increased the number of inexperienced doctors performing breast augmentation surgeries. This is one of the factors contributing to the number of women who will need to have breast implant revision surgery.

Even women who are initially happy with their results often end up requiring breast augmentation revision in Seattle. Breast implants are not permanent devices, and may eventually deflate or rupture, or become hardened (capsular contracture) to the point of requiring replacement. Implant revision surgery is more involved than the initial augmentation surgery, and is best performed by a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Marosan.

Replacing Breast Implants

Several factors can result in the need for breast implant revision surgery. These include:

Rupture, Leakage, or Deflation

  • One of the primary reasons for breast implant revision surgery is that one or both of the implants has ruptured. A rupture in a silicone gel filled implant is often detected during a mammogram, or through an MRI as part of routine breast implant care. Silicone implants may rupture or leak without any immediately noticeable symptoms.
  • Saline implants will deflate rapidly upon rupture. The saline solution will be safely absorbed by the body, but the deflation results in an obvious asymmetry that must be addressed. Dr. Marosan will either replace the deflated implant with one similar to what was initially used, or, depending on the patient's wishes, replace both implants with a newer model, such as the latest fourth generation silicone gel implants.


Unsatisfactory Initial Result

  • Unfortunately, not every surgeon who performs breast enlargement in Seattle is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons who have received no specialty training in plastic surgery techniques may produce results that are less than satisfying for their patients. These include asymmetrical breasts, poor implant placement, highly visible wrinkling or rippling, excessive scarring, and under- or over-filled implants. Breast implant revision surgery is the only choice for these women to obtain the beautiful, natural results that they initially sought. In our practice, at Bellevue Plastic Surgeons, we see more and more patients with a poor result from their first surgery. They are often surprised when they find out that their initial "cosmetic surgeon" was a maxillo-facial surgeon, otolaryngologist or even gynecologist. We do an increased number of "breast rescue" surgeries to correct problems created by the initial surgeon. I tell patients, that a breast rescue surgery can improve their results or correct the presenting problems, but the surgery is never as satisfying as if the surgery would've been done right the first time.
  • Capsular contracture is another complication that may require revisionary surgery. This occurs when naturally-forming scar tissue begins to tighten and harden around the implant, causing the breast to become firm and misshapen. Surgery is performed to remove this obtrusive scar tissue and replace the implant as needed.


Sagging or Displacement Over Time

  • Even women who were initially satisfied with the results of their breast enlargement are subject to the effects of gravity and time. Weight fluctuation, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and changes in skin elasticity that come with age may result in the eventual sagging and drooping of the breasts. For these women, the appropriate revision surgery may be a breast lift in Seattle, either with or without replacement of the implant.


Choosing an Experienced Surgeon

Whatever your reason for considering breast implant revision surgery or breast rescue surgery, it is critical that you choose a highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon. In almost all cases, the surgery is more complex than the original breast augmentation, and presents a unique set of challenges. These may include the presence of scar tissue, poorly placed incisions, over dissected implant pocket, symmastia (implants communicating in the midline) compromised skin elasticity, the presence of silicone leakage (from older generations of silicone implants), and altered breast and chest wall anatomy.

Dr. Marosan has extensive experience with breast implant revision surgery, and is trained in advanced corrective surgical techniques. He will carefully consider your unique conditions and needs, and will recommend the surgical option that best meets your breast enlargement goals.

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