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Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and even the passage of time can cause a woman's breasts to appear deflated and elongated, making her look older than she feels on the inside. That's why so many women consider breast enhancement in Seattle with Dr. George Marosan. But when it comes to surgical options, they are often unsure about which enhancement procedures are right for them.

Sometimes a breast lift is all that is needed to obtain a youthful shape and contour. In other cases, breast volume will need to be restored through breast augmentation in Seattle either alone, or in conjunction with breast lift.

Dr. Marosan will help you to weigh your options and choose the surgical technique that is most appropriate for you when you meet with him during your consultation. You can call the office at 425.450.1994 to schedule your appointment.


Breast Lift

Breast lift (also known as mastopexy) is performed when a woman is unhappy with the shape and position of the nipple-areolar complexes of her breasts. These women generally are unhappy with the drooping or "deflated" look of their breasts that comes with age, especially after childbearing. The best candidates for a breast lift are women whose weight is stable, with no plans for future pregnancies. Breast lift alone will do nothing to increase the size of the breast, and may actually result in a slightly smaller breast size.

The procedure involves removing some of the sagging skin of the breast, and moving the nipple and areola to a higher position. Dr. Marosan will utilize one of several mastopexy techniques, depending on the degree of lift that is needed. The result is a tightening and lifting of the breast, and a renewed youthful appearance. Click here to view patient before and after photos of our breast lift patients.

Breast Augmentation

While a breast lift raises and tightens the breast, it won't make the breast any larger. For some women, the placement of breast implants during breast lift is needed to create the desired volume and contour. In some cases, where there is just a little sagging, a breast implant used alone can fill out the sagging breast skin, eliminating the need for a breast lift. Dr. Marosan has the experience to advise each woman on what combination of lift and/or implant will best help her achieve her goals.

Combined Surgery for Complete Rejuvenation

There are several benefits to combining breast augmentation with breast lift surgery. As mentioned, the placement of even a small implant can improve the fullness of the breast, especially the upper half, creating a youthful, attractive contour that may not be obtained through mastopexy alone. Also, when augmentation is performed in conjunction with breast lift, there is generally less skin to be removed, which may result in less scarring. Click here to see before and after photos of Dr. Marosan's patients who chose to combine breast augmentation with breast lift.

Dr. Marosan will present you with all of your options for breast enhancement and will help you choose the surgical techniques that will best achieve your goals. Patients who undergo breast enhancement in Seattle with Dr. Marosan generally report a great deal of satisfaction with breast lift surgery. Most report heightened self-esteem, more body-confidence, and increased feelings of sensuality after having a more youthful breast shape restored.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a breast lift, with or without augmentation?

Click here to contact Dr. Marosan, board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast lift in Seattle or you can call his office at 425.450.1994 to schedule an appointment.

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