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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a very common condition and the number one operation I do on men.
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Excess breast tissue in men can happen at any age, but most are residual breast tissue which does not shrink after puberty. With weight gain, men can have excess fat deposit in the breasts. In older men, certain medications can cause breast enlargement. Most men are very self-conscious of this condition and they would never take their shirts off in public or on the beach. This condition is very treatable with surgery and there’s no reason to suffer needlessly.

Traditionally, the standard was excision of the breast tissue via a half circle periareolar incision between the light and dark skin. This often left depressions which were permanent in some cases or distortions with muscle movement. I use the VASER liposculpting system for treatment of gynecomastia. This is an internal ultrasound which “melts” the fat with great precision allowing for easy removal of the fatty tissues and also enhances skin contraction. The VASER technique allows me to get excellent results with liposuction in 90% of my patients and I only do additional excision in 10%.

The surgery is done in our certified (AAAASF) office surgical suite under intravenous sedation. Postoperatively I do not place restrictions on your activity and most people take pain medication for 5-10 days. You need to follow our postoperative instructions to heal properly and return for office visits as requested. I will see you frequently after your surgery and after the sixth month follow up, I see my patients back on a yearly basis. I am always available to my patients 24/7.

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