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 Bellevue Plastic Surgeons Financial Policy:

• Cosmetic surgery consultations cost $75. Cosmetic surgery consultations require pre-payment of the $75 fee. This fee is fully applied towards your surgical procedure and is fully refundable with a 48 hour notice of rescheduling or cancellation. If your appointment is on a Monday you must cancel by the previous Friday in order to receive a refund or reschedule without incurring additional fees.

• Consultations with our non-surgical providers for injections and non-surgical procedures are complimentary.

• There is an additional $50 fee for any non-surgical services rendered by the physician.

• We request the courtesy of a 48 hour advanced notice for rescheduling or canceling your non-surgical cosmetic procedure appointment. If this request is not honored, we reserve the right to ask for a $25 pre-payment fee by credit card prior to rescheduling another non-surgical appointment for you.

• In order to reserve a date for your surgery, we require a non-refundable total amount of $500. This reservation fee will be credited towards your surgery given that the surgery is scheduled within six months.

• Payment for surgery is due at the preoperative examination or 2 weeks prior to the operation, whichever comes first, and is non-refundable. If fees are not rendered at that time your surgery will be put on hold. If fees are not provided 5 business days before the operation the surgery will be canceled and you will be subject to the cancellation rules.

• The preoperative examination is considered a definitive final consultation prior to the surgery. The fee for surgery (physician’s fee) that is rendered at the preoperative appointment is non refundable and non transferable to another segment of time.

• If the surgery is rescheduled after the payment has been made there will be a 20% rescheduling fee for the total cost of the surgery. The only exception to this is life threatening emergencies or medical illnesses prior to the operation. In these exceptional circumstances the 20% rescheduling fee will not apply. We reserve the discretion in implementing this difficult but necessary policy.

• It is the patient's responsibility to complete all pre-surgical diagnostics prior to the pre-operative appointment. If not completed by this appointment, surgery may be postponed and subject to a 20% rescheduling fee, or canceled without a refund.

• Plastic surgery is an art and occasionally revisions will be necessary. Revisions will be within one year of the operating date. As a courtesy to our patients no surgeon fees will be charged, however facility and anesthesia fees will apply for the procedure. Dr. Marosan reserves the right to determine a revision versus a separate procedure that is being requested.

• You are ultimately responsible for the full payment of your account

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